Break free

from business


What's stopping you from

running your business

without YOU?

Every second of delay is profit slipping away.

Every unproductive minute is an unnecessary cost.

Every hour of you working "in" the business operations, is a lost opportunity.

Every day you ignore automation, the competition gets ahead of you.

We're here to ensure your customer journey flows seamlessly, leaving no lead lost in the pipeline. We empower your team to reach their full potential and free up your time outside business operations.

Let's chat and explore how we can work together!


We listen intently to how you want your business to run and meticulously map out streamlined processes that not only meet but exceed your expectations. The result? Your business moves with precision, unhindered by unnecessary complexities.


We revolutionize the way you operate by crafting bespoke automations. These aren't just about efficiency; they're about reclaiming your time. We build automations that eliminate manual steps, ensuring your business flows seamlessly, effortlessly, and with a newfound agility.


Knowledge is empowerment. As we set up tailored automations for you, we go the extra mile. We provide comprehensive documentation and hands-on training. Your team gains the expertise to take charge, whether they choose the DIY route or prefer our expert guidance (DFY). With Bizzees, your automation journey is not just implemented; it's sustained.

who are we

A community of scaling experts

dedicated to bringing automation,

cost optimization, and efficiency

to businesses like yours.

For years, we've been the go-to solution for startups,

small businesses, and large companies

seeking to automate and optimize their processes.

Now, we've united to address a critical issue - inefficiency.

Our approach is unique.

We don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

We listen to your specific situation,

recommend tailored strategies, and let you

decide the best course of action.

Our purpose is simple - to wake you up

to the reality that your time is valuable

and should be spent on what you do best.

with the help of our

our all in one, fully customizable

sales and marketing platform,

you can now run your business

as if you have a whole team

working in the backend.

unlimited pipelines

according to your customer journey

unlimited Custom Fields

depending on your data requirements

Unlimited Contacts

contacts, tags and smart lists

Unlimited Automations

missed call text back, voicemail

drop campaigns, etc

Unlimited Websites and Funnels

easy drag and drop builder or custom coding.

free templates!

unlimited email campaigns

easy drag and drop builder or custom coding.

free templates!

comms hub

email, sms and social messages

in one place

Social Media Scheduler

draft, approve and schedule posts

Reputation Management

manage your reviews

Unlimited Calendars

fully customizable branded calendar

(forget Calendly, Appointlet)

Payment Links, Invoicing

automate sending payment

links and invoices


setup documents signing

(forget Docusign & Pandadoc)

Course & Membership

fully customizable course builder

and membership management


setup your online store -

forget the crazy Shopify setup!

basic task management

easy task manager

for your team

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